We are looking for one male dancer/performer to complete the cast of the new production L’amore ist nicht une chose for everybody (Loving Kills) of Collettivo Treppenwitz (CH/IT)

a new show by Simon Waldvogel

produced by Collettivo Treppenwitz

supported by LuganoInScena, Campo Teatrale and Teatro Sociale Bellinzona
Submission deadline: August 20th, 2018


L’amore ist nicht une chose for everybody (Loving Kills) is a work that stands at the crossroads of performance, dance, documentary theatre and video art. The ensemble is composed of 6 performers.


What does it mean today to be thirty years old, to live in a Western society and to deal with love? Is love a priority in our life? Through a series of video interviews to men and women in their 30s from different cultures, the show will try to give voice to this specific generation.

In this intermediate phase between youth and adulthood, questions are unavoidable: at the age of thirty we must organize ourselves, we must make plans to avoid ending up alone; time begins to put pressure on us and reminds our generation that this is the moment for important and perhaps even definitive choices: marry and have children or continue to dream of the ideal relationship; it’s time to define relationships, analyse them, run away, return.

Western society - through advertising slogans, political references and advertisements on social networks - reminds this generation that it is time to take a definite role, it is time to have a house with all the latest domestic appliances, a job, a car, children, a dog.


The dramaturgy of the show will be created as a collective work of the company under the direction of Simon Waldvogel. The text of the show will be in several languages.



The selection (one day of work) will take place during the week of September 3rd to 7th, 2018 in Lugano and Milano.
After a first selection based on the submitted material, the dancers/performers deemed suitable will be invited to the September selection by email before August 25th.



* age between 25-35

* experience in performing arts
* improvisation ability
* excellent level of spoken French
* teamwork skills
* availability for rehearsal and shows for the below schedule


Availability is required for these time frames:


* 26.11 > 22.12 (Rehearsal Milano / Lugano)
* 02.01 > 10.01 (Rehearsal Lugano)
* 11.01 > 13.01 (Shows Lugano)

* 18.01 (Show Bellinzona)

* 14.05 > 19.05 (Shows Milano)

Rehearsals and performances are remunerated.

To apply please write to and include:


* curriculum vitae
* a close-up photo and a full length photo

* link (with password) of a short self-presentation video in French
* video links 


The submission deadline is August 20th, 2018.